Master Workshops at Adventure Retreat

Master Workshops at Adventure Retreat

I used to be super excited and nervous to go to Bali. I used to be going to spend 5 days on a masterthoughts retreat with eight entrepreneurs and a pair of expert coaches to run it. What was I going to deliver to the table? I don’t precisely have a business. What would I get out of it?

Our villa was about forty km north of Ubud. As my driver took me on our 2-hour journey from the airport to the villa, Bali appeared like a typical creating nation in Asia: dirty and chaotic with motorbikes everywhere. As we continued onwards, nonetheless, it turned more lush…I started to notice all of the beautiful details that this nation has mastered so elegantly. I took note of the many shops with hundreds of incredible sculptures on the aspect of the highway, and naturally, the unending house temples. Every house in Bali has a temple. Such an amazing concept.

I really can’t explain what occurred when approaching the villa with out sounding like a cliché…but it surely truly was serenity. Plush green timber and vegetation, massive rocks that led the pathway by way of a stream of water…I instantly felt light and energized. Orchid Villa was going to be my house for the following 5 days. Between the incredible view of the jungle and mountains, to the nice and cozy welcome from one of many owners, Rick, and his staff, I okaynew I used to be exactly where I wanted to be.

I was told that Bali has a variety of “female energy.” And I get it. You may see it in all of the element…from the intricate clothing of both women and men after they go to temple, to the ornate offerings they make for their Gods every day, to even the native flowers and plants….so much care and nurture goes into the delicacy that makes Bali what it is.

So what on the planet takes place at a mastermind retreat leaders? That’s a great question. Let me break it down for you:

Disconnection from the outside world: If you’re within the jungle you can’t depend on good wifi connection. And thank goodness. Let’s convey it back to nature. Let’s convey it back to being silent in your personal company. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Snapchat….just you, other in-the-flesh people and 1000’s of jungle creatures.

Nothing but pure goodness into the body: Each meal we had was homemade with the freshest ingredients that have been all organic. All water was alkaline. Have you ever had aloe vera juice with ginger, lime and mint? Oh my heaven in my mouth. Or coconut yogurt with spirulina and granola and fruit? Each of those delicious and wholesome meals was prepared with love by the Orchid Villa team.

Yoga with a smile: Earlier than breakfast we began the day with an hour yoga session with the cutest little man alive, who all the time reminded us to smile. These periods were a bit bit down the street, the place we needed to take stairs up into what appeared like our little private temple. We have been outside, but with a roof over our heads to shelter us from the morning rain. An absolute stunning scenery.

Collaboration: Each of us had half-hour within the “hot seat” to explain our business or business idea, the place we have been at, the place we needed to be, struggles we have been facing and to ask questions. Our fellow friends have been our soundboard and offered up many ideas and feedback. These kinds of conversations carried on all through the retreat, whether or not it was over dinner or enjoyable in the swimming pool.

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